Reduce Operating Expenses
Reduce Emissions
Reduce Carbon Footprint
Maintain your profit margins even amid increasing constraints on the global supply chain, rapid inflation and on-demand customer fulfillment so you can better compete in this ever-changing market.
Increase Employee Acquisition and Retention
Stay competitive in hiring as more and more employees demand environmental stewardship from the companies they work for.
Connect More Deeply with Your Customers
Build loyalty with your customers as they require the entire supply chain to be environmentally and socially conscious.
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Solar for…

Large Business

Small & Medium Business




Churches & Non-Profits

Carport Installation

Optimize the space in parking lots to maximize power production or simply make a statement that you are committed to sustainable production.

Rooftop Installation

Capitalize on the most cost-efficient method of solar energy production by putting the system directly onto the rooftop of your buildings.

Ground Mount Installation

Use underdeveloped land to maximize the production of your solar system and ensure that you are producing energy for decades to come.

Commercial Storage

Maximize energy efficiency and independence with commercial storage options that provide you with always-on reliability and independence from the grid.

Commercial-Grade Protection

Power Solar is committed to providing the best that solar has to offer to every single customer, and backs every install with protection that is reliable, sustainable and functional. Every Power Solar system gives its customers: