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Solar in 3 easy steps

save your money

Nationwide, utility companies have doubled rates over the past 20 years. In some states, they have quadrupled. By going solar you do not pay your energy utility company for the electricity you consume that you generate.

Upgrade to solar without paying more than you are paying today in electricity costs

Lock in your solar bill is the same when you are cranking your heat in the winter, blasting your A/C in the summer

Have the electric company pay you when you produce more power than you consume

Improve your lifestyle

When you aren’t worried about running up the electricity bill, you can live comfortably and guilt-free knowing that you are running on a sustainable solution.

Add an air conditioner or run your pool pump longer during heavy usage and benefit from consistent billing

Run on a clean and renewable energy source built to last for the next 4 billion years

Increase the value of your home and increase the likelihood that your home sells more quickly

trust your service

Our goal is to ensure every household in the United States has a clean renewable energy source to power their home. Our team of energy experts is trained to understand the goals of each homeowner and ensure that the project plan achieves every one of those goals.

Power Production Promise

Power Solar saves its customers about $45,000 on average for the life of the system, just by producing your own power

Power Solar will write you a check for your solar and electricity bills for the first year, up to $5,000, and give it to you after install

Power Solar guarantees that your system will work for you for the next 25 years

Power Solar will design a system to offset 100% of your energy use when we can fit that system on your property

Power Solar guarantees that every homeowner gets the same price, our best price every single time

Power Solar guarantees that you will save money from the first day your system begins producing power

Power Solar is here to help our clients grow wealth, save money and live their best lives. We will never pressure you to do something that isn’t in your best interest

Don’t want a stranger coming into your home? Power Solar specializes in online consultations to give you the information to make the best informed decision

Power Solar has the tools to show you how to take your solar savings and help you build for your family goals whether they be retirement, college, or that vacation you have been putting off.

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